June 23, 2011

red moon…

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i don’t know much about the moon and the stars or other heavenly bodies. whatever we were taught in high school astronomy went down the drain just as soon as i passed the class. the little information that was left in my brain consists of a few constellations and a bit of this and that. nothing to be proud of. in fact, they are not even worth mentioning. i used to love staring at the evening sky when i was a kid, hoping to catch a falling star or two, and have my wish be granted. but i haven’t done that in a long long time. no time. no energy. no opportunity. and, anyway, there aren’t that many stars to be seen here in the city. the bright lights drown whatever little can be seen through the polluted city skies.

more than a week ago, however, i couldn’t sleep. too many things on my mind, to many stuff to sort out. so i dimmed the lights, put on some music (that i thought might lull me to sleep) and drew the curtains up to look at the city lights. but, lo and behold, this is what i saw…

lunar eclipse (i wish i had a better camera)

i don’t even remember the last time i looked at the moon. i was mesmerized by its beauty.

i didn’t know about the eclipse and i did not plan on watching it but i am glad i caught it. and although i know what an eclipse is, i am not looking for the explanation as to why the moon is red or other of that scientific stuff. i am happy enough to just know that it looked the way it did that night and that i was able to witness it. thank God for that sleepless night… i wonder what the next will bring me.