November 18, 2010

best female voices…

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during the last few years, the iPod has become an integral part of my everyday life. regardless of what i was doing or where i was going, i’ve found it necessary to bring one of my iPods along (i now have 4 – classic, video, shuffle and touch… don’t ask me why). it has been my companion during the best and worst times of my life.

anyway, a few days ago, my friend challenged me to list the top 10 voices in my iPod. at first i thought, ok that was simple enough. but, after looking through the thousands of songs and artists, i’ve come to realize that coming up with just 10 artists is virtually impossible. i could just choose my top 10 favorite artists but that would not necessarily mean that my favorites had the best voices. so i had to choose…

after much deliberation (i’m not sure if arguing with one’s self can be called deliberating) i decided to make 2 lists – one for females and 1 for males. i really couldn’t come up with a single list. that would make me insane (much to the delight of my friend). and i don’t really think that i am up for the challenge of limiting a list to just 10 names. i’m not even going to try. here goes…

this is my list of the best female voices in my iPod(s) (the other list will come later). it doesn’t necessary follow that they are my favorites nor is the list in any order. they just have awesome voices. most people my age, i know, will not agree with this list. after all, only a couple or so of them are of my generation and the rest, well, they sang their songs either even before i was born or when i was still in diapers. but it’s my list, my iPod(s), so it’s my choice. go choose your own if you don’t agree with mine =)

don’t judge them by their names. listen to their voices…

1) Kelly Clarkson

she has one of the best voices in the industry today and that’s all there is to it. and she sings even better live too (which is something not a lot of artists can do today). i can’t, and will not even try, to choose one best song she has sung. it’s impossible to choose. yes, she’s that good =) (personally, though, i think her best work is in her My December album).

2) Amy Grant

some people like her because she sings gospel, others because of her cross-over to pop. me, i just like her voice and her songs regardless of what they are about.

3) Indigo Girls

also listen to Ghost, Fare Thee Well and Mystery…

4) Jann Arden

I think she is best known worldwide for Insensitive but she has other great songs too!

5) Carole King

my parents were still kids where her songs were first released. now her songs, and her voice, are timeless.

6) Etta James

No explanation needed.

7) Heart

8 ) Carly Simon

9) Bette Midler

The Divine Diva =)

10) Tracy Chapman

11) Madonna

12) Alanis Morissette

13) Beth Nielsen Chapman

Her songs are comforting…

14) Roberta Flack

15) Cyndi Lauper

I love this song.

16) Lee Ann Womack

17) Dianne Reeves

18) Celine Dion

19) Tina Turner

20) Joni Mitchell

21) Annie Lennox

22) Mariah Carey

23) Karen Carpenter

24) Whitney Houston

25) Martina McBride

26) Beyonce

27) Shania Twain

28) Norah Jones

29) Sheryl Crow

30) P!nk

This list will get longer as time goes by and as i add more songs to my iPod and get acquainted with more artists and as the voices of new artists mature into what they can truly become. but today, this is my list. feel free to make your own =)



  1. Carey (KCsoothesmysoul) said,

    Nice list. I’ll give it a try for my top 10 female artists that shape or have shaped my life’s soundtrack. 1)Kelly Clarkson 2) Olivia Newton-John 3)Martina McBride 4)Pink 5)Gladys Knight 6)Linda Rondtadt 7)Stevie Nicks 8)Sara Evans 9)Belnda Carlisle(GoGos) 10)Mariah Carey… You’re right, hard to name just 10 ‘cos I could go on & on.

  2. Jade Jarvis said,

    Great list! Your list inspired me to update my iPod. Much to be said about the power of suggestion.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog (

    Have a great week!

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