November 27, 2010

best male voices…

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in my last post, as part of a friend’s challenge, i came up with a list of the best female voices in my ipod. actually, the original challenge was to write the top artists. but, after looking through the names in my ipod, i could not, for the life of me, narrow the choices to just one list. so, here’s my list of the top male voices in my iPod (in no particular order).

again, do not judge them by their names. please listen to their voices.
and, by all means, make your own list.

1) Louis Armstrong

2) Michael Buble

3) Bono (U2)

4) The Beatles

5) Elvis Presley

6) Josh Groban

7) Billy Joel

8 ) Nat “King” Cole

9) Michael Jackson

10) Bon Jovi

11) Bruce Springsteen

12) Chris Daughtry

13) Van Morrison

14) Steve Perry (Journey)

15) Frank Sinatra

16) Bob Seger

17) Stephen Bishop

18) James Ingram

19) Steven Tyler (Aerosmith)

20) Bryan Adams

21) Eric Clapton

22) Sting

23) Joe Cocker

24) Kid Rock

25) Freddie Mercury (Queen)

there. that’s my list. i’m pretty sure it’ll change in time.
time for you to make your list too.

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