October 18, 2010


Posted in random tagged at 10:12 am by lucyelenore

have you ever had a dream that seemed so real? so real in fact that when you wake up in the morning you still feel the way you felt in your dream?  well, i have.

i’ve had this recurring dream for a while now. it doesn’t happen everyday. not even every week. just once in a while. but when it does, it really gets to me.

it isn’t the same dream over and over again. and it’s nothing scary either. it’s just a dream about a person and although the scene is different everytime, the theme of the dream and the feeling that goes with it is always the same.

it’s about a boy i used to love. sometimes, specially after the dreams, i have this stinking feeling that i may still be in love with him after all this time. in my dreams, we usually meet up somewhere and when we do, i usually get the feeling of uneasiness at first. and then he either embraces me or takes my hand. and when i seem surprised or questions his actions, he assures me and tells me that it’s as it should be. and then i wake up, still feeling the warmth of his embrace and the touch of his hand. i remember the dream as though it really happened. sigh.maybe i still am in love with him.

funny thing is, i don’t even remember most of my other dreams. after waking up, i usually just recall a small chunk of a dream and then forget it all together when i get up from bed. but these dreams, the dreams where he is in, sticks with me like crazy glue. and i can’t seem to get it off. and the crazy thing about it is that i haven’t even talked to him for years!

so what does this mean?

if dreams are wishes that our heart makes, then what am i wishing for?
if dreams are ways of our subconscious telling us what we hold deep inside, then what is deep inside me?
or if dreams are ways to communicate with other souls in another dimension or whatnot, then am i communicating with him? is he dreaming of me too?

whatever it is, one thing i know for sure. when i woke up this morning, i still felt the way he held my hand in my dream. i felt calm and safe. i felt at peace and happy, even.

maybe i should go to bed now and wish that i will dream of him again.
or maybe i should just call him…


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