October 27, 2010


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it is quite obvious that the choices we make in life determine what we become and how the story of our life unfolds.  for the big decisions, the way they affect us is evident. going to college, leaving home, moving to another city, getting married, having children, working, not working, getting a divorce… these choices are like the proverbial fork in the road which will take to you to one destination or another. the options are clear and we make conscious choices, we make resolutions and move on with our lives, living with the consequences as we go along. we made the choice and we learn to live with it. i guess that how it goes.


but what about the little things? the small details that we don’t pay much attention to but can change our lives forever. things like crossing the street, riding a bicycle, driving to work, getting into the elevator, or taking the laundry to the cleaners. what about those choices? how will we know when those little preferences might change the course of our lives?


i was watching the news earlier today. a woman who worked as a teacher was walking down a quiet road on her way to school. it was a sunny day and since the school was only a few blocks from where she lived, she decided to take a walk instead of driving her car to work.  it was early in the morning, she wasn’t in any hurry and was walking leisurely with a tall cup of coffee on her hand. then, from out of nowhere, she was hit by a delivery van, killing her instantly. the driver of the van had been driving all night so he can finish his job and go home to his family. he, unlike the woman, was able to walk away from the accident with just a scratch on his forehead.


the story, tragic as it is, got me thinking. had the woman decided to take the car to work, she probably would have not been hit by the van. had she taken a little more time in the shower that morning or maybe took some more effort into putting makeup on or trying on a different outfit, she might not have been walking at that spot during the exact time when the driver fell asleep. had she been walking on the other side of the road, it wouldn’t have happened. or maybe if the driver drank a cup of coffee that morning he would have been awake. maybe. i can think of a thousand other things that could have happened that may have changed the outcome of the story but it still happened the way it did. they just had to be at that place, at that precise time. talk about being unlucky. or is it fate? was it the woman’s destiny to be hit by a van one sunny morning? had she made different choices earlier in her life or even earlier that day would things have turned out differently or would she eventually still end up being hit by a van?


do the choices we make really count or are we just living a life that has already been pre-determined for us? sunday school taught us about a higher being who had a master plan for our lives and yet they tell us too about free will. so which is it?


if someone knows the answer, i am all ears. because, quite frankly, if i too am destined to be hit by a van in the future, be it 10 minutes or 10 years from now, regardless of what i choose to do or not do today, then what is the point? why do we have to make any decision at all when it will all end up the same in the end? is life just an exercise in futility?




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